Marbleizing Technique

What You'll Need
Armaly ProPlus Marbleizing Feathers
Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponges
2-3 Colors of Latex Paint
Latex Glazing Liquid
Paint Tray (one for each color)
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Wipes for clean up
Armaly ProPlus Fiber Drop Cloths
Tape for masking

Marbleizing is a process of layering tinted transparent glaze over a base coat to create a marble like look. The glaze is manipulated while still wet to form pattern and texture. With your Armaly ProPlus Marbleizing Feathers and Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponges, good technique and practice, you can easily achieve dramatic visual effects. Try this technique on fireplace mantles, baseboard and crown molding, furniture and even walls!


  1. Make the glaze(s).
  2. Follow directions for multicolor sponge painting. Sponge paint the entire work area using several colors of glaze close in tone to your base coat. While glaze is still wet, soften the pattern lightly by dabbing with a clean Armaly ProPlus Painting Sponge.
  3. Use the cardboard pattern provided as a helpful guide for the shape of the veins. Drag the Armaly ProPlus Marbleizing Feather through a small puddle of the lightest color glaze and in a diagonal motion, move your hand in a slight side to side motion along the edge of the cardboard. Turn the cardboard at different angles to form your vein lines. By applying varying degrees of pressure while dragging the feather, you will create different thicknesses of veins.

Tip: To use the Armaly ProPlus Marbleizing Feather properly, hold loosely between fingers like a pencil. Do not use the tip for veining, but the edge of the feather for a more realistic effect. Veins have the shapes of Y's and K's. Each vein has its own character. Veins shouldn't be straight lines or evenly spaced, but should look somewhat like fine cracks. Using oil base paint or glaze will slow the drying time and allow you more time to blend your veins. Keep your base coat, glaze pattern and veining close in color value for a more realistic effect. Practice on sample boards before testing the walls.

Courtesy of Armaly ProPlus.