March DIM Star: Concrete Waterfall

Once a month we like to shine the spotlight on an impressive DIYer by giving their shared project the ol’ “Did It Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an added bonus, all DIM Stars are automatically entered into consideration for our first annual DIM Awards in May.

This month we congratulate “DougHoover” on his convertible waterfall pond. Share your project and next time it could be you!

What he did

Doug constructed a concrete waterfall in a client’s backyard for ambiance – and to mask the noise of a neighboring freeway. Considering the safety concerns of the owner's young children, Doug filled the pond area of the water feature with rocks that can be removed later when a pool of water is desired for the pond effect.

Why we like it

Construction costs for concrete ponds are not much higher than those made with plaster liners, and the convertible aspect of Doug’s creation means that the owners get even more bang for their buck.

To have a look at Doug’s project and consider installing a waterfall yourself, visit //