Marine Plywood Maintanence Tips

While there a lot of things that can damage marine plywood, keeping yours protected is actually fairly simple. These tips should help you keep your plywood in good condition.

Overall Protection

All marine plywood should be coated in epoxy resin. Either measure carefully, or use one complete pump of resin mixed with a second pump of hardener. The second is ideal, as it takes any errors you might make out of the picture. Finally, add additives if desired. Once your epoxy resin is mixed, you can apply it to your marine plywood. Epoxy resin is great at working its way into places that paint might not, such as cracks, drilled holes, and any other small gaps.

Exposed to Sun

If your marine plywood will be exposed to the sun, you will need to use different techniques than if it will be exposed to the water. Select a good primer and apply it to your plywood. Apply multiple coats if necessary. Next, apply one or more coats of surface paint. By doing this, you will protect your plywood from damage from sunlight.

Exposed to Water

The techniques used for plywood exposed to water are different. Use marine bottom paint in this situation, as it is designed specifically to protect wood from water.