Masonry Cement

Masonry cement is cement that is specially prepared for creating mortar. Masonry cement can be utilized in brick, stone or block. Stucco is also produced with Masonry cement. 

Masonry Cement Mixture

Without getting into too much detail, it is simply Portland cement mixed with a plasticizing material. In some mixtures, blended hydraulic cement is used in place of Portland cement.
Whichever cement the plasticizing material is mixed with to create masonry cement; other additives are also thrown in to achieve certain requirements. For example, some masonry cements might need different setting times, durability, water holding and more. These are the characteristics that make each masonry cement different.

Where is the Cement Made?

Masonry cement is made in a plant under strict observation. Cement is made in a plant to ensure the quality. In this plant, the cement is produced with different strength levels. The type of cement needed will depend on the structure being built. Some structures require a stronger grade of masonry cement in order to comply with code and other standards.