Mason's Line

Installing a brick wall next to a Mason's Line

A mason's line, also called a Mason's twine, is used to create straight lines and a level surface. It is needed when laying out posts, patios, footings and more. A mason's line is necessary when doing these projects because you will not have to pick up the level so many times. The other great aspect of this twine is it will not sag like ordinary twine tends to do.

How can you Make a Straight Wall Using a Mason's Line?

Below are some steps to utilize when trying to erect a straight wall. You will see how using a Mason's line will help you in achieving the desired result.

Step 1 - Set a Corner

You will need to secure a 2x4 inch corner pole. This will be your reference point.

Step 2 - Insert the Mason’s Line

Hold the braided Mason's line and slide it into the slot of the line block.

Step 3 - Secure the Mason’s Line

building a brick wall

Next, circle around the line block two times and then slip the Mason’s line into the slot again. This will ensure the twine is secure.

Step 4 - Adjust Hook

Turn the hook of the line block facing the back corner of the cement block.

Step 5 - Set the Line

After that, continue to place the line to the next corner. The twine should be tight, but not so tight you cannot squeeze in to get off extra mortar.

Step 6 - Begin Installation

When you lay the block, it needs to be level with the mason’s line. Move the blocks up as you continue up the wall.