Master Bathroom Plans 101

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What kind of master bathroom plans work out the best? Consider some of the following features for your new master bath.

Dual Sinks

Many master baths have dual sinks. Sometimes the sinks are separated; sometimes they have a sit-down vanity and a lower sink for convenience.

A Master Bath Suite

A trend in modern decorating is to have a large master bath with walk-in closet space, sitting area, and a dressing area. They can be large spaces. If you are planning to sell your home soon, check with a local realtor and see how current homebuyers are reacting to master bath suites.

Your Personal Style

Your master bath should be an extension of your style. If your style is sleek and modern, add the black tile and chrome fixtures. If you’re more traditional, stick with the comfortable blues or a traditional sleek black and white look.

Storage Space

Be sure that the whirlpool tub and full body shower doesn’t occupy space for linen closets or cosmetic storage. The bathroom is a functional room, and you want it to function well.

Fitness Area

Some people find that the bathroom works well as their fitness area. That often means adding wiring for cable or a sound system.