Master Bedroom Layout Tips

The master bedroom can be one of a home’s biggest selling features. Every homeowner wants a spacious retreat to unwind and relax. Every master bedroom should, and can, feel like the perfect place to kick back after a long day. If you don’t live in a luxury home that did the job for you, take matters into your own hands and create a master bedroom that you love. One of the easiest ways to affect the feel of your master retreat is to change the layout of your furniture. It is easy to do, inexpensive or completely free, and it can have a huge impact. 

Perfect Bed Placement

The bed is the focus of any restful master suite. Sleep is the purpose for which bedrooms are made, and the bed should take center stage in your room’s arrangement. This promotes rest and relaxation, two of the things that your master retreat should be centered around. Often times, the best wall for your bed will be obvious. Sometimes, however, it may take some creativity on your part to choose a wall that will sufficiently feature your luxurious bed.  Choose a wall that is clearly visible from the doorway, and that is large enough to also house nightstands or decorative touches on either side of your bed. Nightstands are functional, and serve as a sort of frame for your beautiful bed, making it inviting and attractive. Also consider getting creative when it comes to your bed's placement; pull it away from the wall and float it in the middle of the room. Turn the head of the bed around so that the foot faces a window. There is no end to what you can do.

Add a Seating Area

When it comes to a luxurious master bedroom, sitting areas are a huge selling feature. No one wants to feel like they are only welcome in their bedroom to sleep; the entire room should be able to be utilized for relaxation. Create a seating area using groupings of chairs or love seats, end tables and even a coffee table. It is popular to place these seating areas by windows, but keep them in a part of the room that is far from the bed. This will create distinct "zones" within a smaller room. Also, anchor your seating area as a separate space with an area rug and give the section its own lighting.

Dressing as Storage and Decoration

Dressers and vanities seem like an annoying part of a master bedroom that can distract from the style and peacefulness of the space. However, these things are no longer just for getting ready. You can use your storage devices and primping stations as decorative touches that add a lot to your space. Refinish a vintage dresser and vanity to match your bed frame. Give your vanity a glass top and add a vase of flowers for a sophisticated look. Line up pretty perfume bottles on top of your dresser. The more surfaces you add to a room, the more accessories you can use!