Matching the Best Interior Colors with Cork Floors

cork floor in kitchen with wood cabinets and beige walls

It's not necessarily very difficult to match the best interior colors with cork floors. The main problem in matching these floors is that the cork supplied is often dark and difficult to match with colors. Some people provide a solution to this by painting over he floors, although this can be rather detrimental to the beauty of a cork floor, and matching with interior colors is much more worth the effort.

Don't Use White

Although white appears to go with everything, this is not in fact true. If you have a dark cork floor, then using a pure white interior color can make the floor look like a bottomless pit.

It won't flatter the flooring, only making it look darker and more foreboding. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have a light cork floor, a purely white color scheme will make your flooring look dirty, and the room will be too bright.

Use Pastels

Simple pastel shades can take the edge off of a cork floor. Dark creams, or light shades of pink can bring out the richness of the cork, while not being overpowered by it. If you want something stronger, try a light red or brown shade.