Matching the Color of a Concrete Driveway Expansion

Quite often your beautifully finished concrete driveway suddenly becomes too small for all the cars in your family. You might also need to add a side section to enable cars to turn around in the drive. Matching the color of the concrete for the expanded section becomes a big question. Here are tips on how to color match your concrete successfully.

When to Add the Expansion

Add the new section as soon as you can after finishing your concrete driveway. The color will likely still be in stock where you made your original purchase. Put a fresh coat of glazing sealer on your driveway to restore the color to its original intensity.

How to Match the Color

If you have kept the information from your original color concrete order, take the stock number for the color you chose to the concrete contractor and order more of the same. If, however, you do not have this information available, take digital photos of the driveway surface in a wide range of light conditions and bring these to the concrete contractor. They can easily identify the colors used in their products. Also, if you had your color work done less than 2 years ago, they may still have your order information in their files.