Matching Your Furniture with Green Walls

Matching your furniture color with your walls will help to create a polished and comfortable look in your home. Green is a popular color for walls since it's said to create a calm atmosphere. Having green walls doesn't have to pose a challenge with decorating. Here are a few simple tips to help coordinate your furniture color with green walls.

Keep It Neutral

Neutral colors are popular with furniture. This is because you can easily decorate around the furniture without needing to worry about the furniture clashing. Neutral color furniture, such as dark sand or camel hair colors will look great with green walls and decor.

Using a Color Wheel

If you look at a color wheel you will be able to see how colors relate to one another. You can use the color wheel to find related colors that will coordinate with the walls. If you are wanting something slightly more modern, you can look at the wheel to find a complementary color instead. Reds and purples can compliment the green walls for a less traditional look.

What to Avoid

Small rooms can look cluttered and unsightly with many varying colors. For these situations, stick with either neutral furniture or a shade a green that is close to the wall color. Larger rooms will look boring and cold without the use of extra colors. For large rooms look for accents in complementary colors.