Materials for a Backyard Deck Materials for a Backyard Deck

backyard deck is a great addition to a home. A backyard deck offers the wonderful feeling of being outdoors and is especially useful for entertaining. If you build your deck up high, it can give a wonderful view of your garden or surrounding areas, while decks built lower can offer comfort and an intermediary area between your home and the backyard. They add a warm feeling to the backyard and are particularly useful if you want a place to sit and watch the kids play.

Decks can be totally or partially enclosed. You can make additions such as hot tubs, benches and planters, all of which are very popular in the designs of backyard decks. Deck materials differ and require diverse degrees of maintenance. This article will talk about your options and help you decide.

Pressure Treated Wood

The most widely used deck material is wood, such as redwood, oak and pine. Wood is pleasing to the senses, and there are many stains, in many different shades and colors, to choose from.

There are a few issues to using wood for your deck. Wood can crack, rot, become warped, discolored, and splintered over time, particularly in warm climates. To avoid these problems, you will have to sand, stain, and seal the deck from time to time, to protect it against harsh weather.

Exotic Hardwood Decking

Brazilian hardwoods, such as Cherry, naturally control insects and resist rot. The wood is beautiful and doesn't require staining or sealant. Teak is also attractive in appearance, and it also contains natural oils that make it resistant to weathering and rot.


Composite is prepared from a mixture of recycled wood and plastic products; it is becoming an appealing option to other types of wood for protection against rot, warping, and moisture damage. In addition, a composite deck needs only occasional cleaning; there is no staining necessary.


A plastic deck is not as easy to build as many people think. Plastic must be textured and colored to look like real wood. Although, people who are interested in environment preservation will like the fact that it is made from a process using recycled things such as old milk jugs and plastic bags. Caring for a plastic material deck is simple, as it just needs to swept and rinsed down from time to time.


When thinking of aluminum, people think of an industrial feeling in contrast to the homey feeling of wood. Aluminum has certain advantages over wood decks that can make it attractive to some homeowners. Obviously, there won't be any problems with rot, and there won't be any need to stain or seal the deck. To make the surface softer and to eliminate the noise associated with aluminum, some aluminum materials are made with a coating.


Bamboo is the best option if you want a green deck; it is long lasting, naturally water resistant, and is made from a source that grows much faster than trees. A bamboo deck requires occasional maintenance, including sealing and applying a mold and mildew remover.

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