Materials for Hand Drafting Floor Plans at Home Materials for Hand Drafting Floor Plans at Home

The materials needed to hand draft floor plans at home include a drafting board, compass, protractor and t-square. These materials can be obtained at a drafting supply store and purchased for reasonable amounts. For the individual who is skilled in drafting plans that meet community standards and codes, hand drafting may be a fun and creative way to design your own floor plans and infuse your own design preferences.

A Need for Drafting Skills

Clearly, when considering hand drafting a floor plan at home, you need the requisite drafting skills necessary to accomplish this task. No short article or website will provide you with enough information to become proficient in this skill. Nothing in absence of experience and practice will help you properly learn how to draft floor plans and come up with a design that meets your preferences and code.

Take a Drafting Course

Take a drafting course at a community college or adult continuing education center to learn the basic skills and become familiar with the materials needed to draft floor plans. Consider this tip seriously if this is something you want to do because simply purchasing the drafting materials will not make you competent in drafting a floor plan.

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