Materials for Hanging a Pot and Pan Rack Materials for Hanging a Pot and Pan Rack

Installing a hanging pot and pan rack is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project as long as you know how to find studs and have the right tools. Here is a quick description of the tools you'll need to complete the job.

Stud Finder

While this is an optional tool, it really goes a long way in helping you properly hang your rack. Electronic stud finders are not expensive and they ensure you are hanging your rack from a sturdy place.


Pre-drilling your holes, whether you have two or four hanging points on your rack makes the job easier and cleaner. It also prevents the wood or dry wall from splintering, and your paint from being marred or cracked.

Ceiling Screws or Heavy Weight Ceiling Hooks

Depending on the style of your pot and pan rack you will need to determine whether to use screws or hooks. Make sure you use the right kind of screws, as smaller ones will not have the hold you are looking for. If you are using hooks, be sure to select ones that will hold well over a 100 lbs. With all the pots and pans you will be hanging from the rack, there will be a lot of additional weight.

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