Materials Needed for Concrete Step Repair Materials Needed for Concrete Step Repair

Steps that are cracked, broken off at the corner, or crumbling need a concrete step repair. It is important to do the repair correctly if you expect it to last.

Cement Paint

Before using any kind of concrete patching material you must prepare the surface to be patched. Remove any stones or debris and then blow out any dust. Slightly dampen the area. Take regular Portland cement and make it a thinner paint-like consistency by adding water. Use a brush to apply the cement paint. Then you can patch it with a number of concrete patching materials and the cement paint will glue the patch to the existing concrete.

Concrete Caulk

If there are cracks in the concrete or chips out of it then you can fill these holes with latex or concrete caulk. Concrete caulk is applied with a caulking gun. Fill the hole completely. The caulk will level itself and you may not need to remove the excess. If there is extra caulk then scrape it off so that it is level with the surface. Concrete caulk comes ready to use without having to mix it up. It also dries quickly.

Concrete Patching Compound

Many concrete patching compounds contain additives that make the concrete stickier. Depending on the particular compound the instructions will tell whether it is to be applied to dry concrete or if water should be applied to the concrete first.

Bonding Agent

A bonding agent is spread onto the concrete before the patch is applied. Usually you clean the area and make sure it is free of dust and then you simply brush it on. A bonding agent can be used with a concrete patching compound to be sure the patch is successful.


An epoxy is a mixture of resin and a hardener. It is applied to clean concrete. It makes an easy and durable patch. Epoxy dries quickly overnight. Some epoxies dry in just a few hours. The color may not match the concrete since the epoxy may dry to a lighter or different color that the concrete. If the color doesn’t matter too much to you this may be the best way to patch your concrete step. Epoxies create an extremely strong bond. The disadvantage is that epoxies are more expensive than other patching compounds. So if you have bigger areas to fill then you can put sand in them until you are within ½ inch of the top. Then fill with epoxy mixed with sand. If you have small holes to fill you can use the epoxy without sand.


You can also patch concrete with regular cement. Mix half cement and half sand and put it into the cracks or holes. This is one of the least expensive fixes.

Doing a concrete step repair yourself can save you money but it also gives you the satisfaction of doing it yourself. And now that you have learned how to patch concrete you can repair your sidewalk or driveway the next time you see a crack.

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