Maximize Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Trellis Maximize Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Trellis

A backyard trellis is a great way to maximize space and present a wonderful look to your landscape and seating areas. There are plenty of ways to use a backyard trellis to maximize your space.

Backdrop to Seating Area

A backyard trellis is a great way to not only maximize space, but also present a dramatic backdrop to your seating area. Setting up a free standing trellis or one that is attached to a fence or outbuilding wall will give an outline to the seating area and some privacy. 

Plant Growing Flowers

The trellis is great for maximizing space in your flower garden. Instead of planting large bushes like roses and other creeping flowers, plant them on a trellis. The flowers will grow up instead of along the ground and taking up other planting space. 

Plant Vegetable Garden

There are plenty of vegetables that can be grown on a backyard trellis. Garden goodies like tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, and peas can be grown on a trellis structure. This will give a home gardener plenty of space for other vegetables if they have a small area to work in. 

Grow Ivy for Privacy Fence

One of the ways that a backyard trellis can maximize space and add privacy to a patio, swimming area, or children's play area is to plant ivy or other climbing vines on the trellis. This will not only save the space needed for a fence but also present a great look to your backyard. 

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