Maximizing Use of Slatwall Brackets Maximizing Use of Slatwall Brackets

Slatwall brackets will allow you to create adjustable storage in any closet or on any wall. These are most commonly found in retail locations, but many people choose to use them at home or in a garage to create more space for hanging items. They are also helpful in kitchen cabinets and pantries. Slatwalls are simple to install, and the brackets are available in a number of sizes and varieties to fit any needs you may have.

Garment and Clothing Racks

This is only one of the many ways you are able to use the slatwall brackets. You are able to put all of your clothing on the racks that you place up. This is great for space saving in tight places giving the user enough room to place all of their belongings within a small corner, or on a wall, or even in a small closet. This allows the user to put more items then before in the closet along with their clothing on the racks.


If you are looking to have more space for the items you would like to put up on the walls, then you are able to use the slatwall brackets to place shelves through out the home, or in closets or small rooms. They are able to go anywhere that you would like the shelves to be. This allows you to get the most from the space you are placing the shelving, while still being able to maintain the area that they are going in. You are able to hang up the shelves wherever you need them, this includes putting them in the garage.

Hangers and Hooks in Closets

When you want to hang something on a hanger or on a hook in your closet, you are able to by using slatwall brackets. This allows you to hang what you need too, while also having it is a space saver when needed in smaller spaces within your home. This is because sometimes there is not enough space within the house for all the items that you have. This can also be done for in the garage whether you need more space there, or would like to hang certain items out there. It will save you more space in the long run.

Acrylic Displays

This is just another one of the uses that you can have when you are using slatwall brackets. This allows you to display what you need too without having to worry about not having a strong support to hold it up. This is because the slatwall brackets will not break, or tear down the display while you are using it. You can display whatever you would like by using the brackets for support. This is reassuring if the items that are in the displays are breakable, or fragile in anyway because you would want the most support possible when placing the items on it. 

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