Measuring Exterior Shutters: Five Tips Measuring Exterior Shutters: Five Tips

A pair of exterior shutters will help define your windows while enhancing the beauty of your home. However, you must be very careful when you measure exterior shutters. They should not be too narrow or wide, tall or short. Make sure that the shutters fit your windows perfectly. People generally install exterior shutters as protection against high strong winds. They are also used for privacy reasons, and to control the amount of sunlight entering the room during the day.

You can find a wide variety of manufacturers that produce exterior shutters of any shape and dimensions. Make sure that you measure your windows correctly so that you will have no trouble when installing the shutters.

Tip 1 – Prepare the Tools

Before you start, organize your tools so they are all accounted for and easily accessible while you're working. You won't wan to stop work to go and look for a pencil. You risk forgetting the measurement, which you will have to take all over again. All you need for measuring your exterior shutters are four items: a metal tape measure, a piece of paper, a pencil, and last but not least, a calculator.

Tip 2 – Make a Sketch

Draw a sketch or draft that shows the facade of your residence. Make sure that each one of your windows is shown clearly in the draft. You must also decide how you want your exterior shutters to look like. Do you want them to cover only the glass or the window as a whole?

Tip 3 – Measure the Windows

Use a metal tape measure to calculate the dimensions of your windows. You are advised to measure the breadth to the nearest 1/16 inch. Measure the windows from both the upper and lower edges.

Repeat the same procedure to measure the height of your windows. Use the metal tape measure again and calculate the height of each window to the nearest 1/16 inch. Take the measurements of both the left and right hand sides. Keep in mind that the windowsill should be excluded from the measurement of the windows.

Tip 4 – Dividing the Measurements

In case you have a single window, divide the shortest length by half. On the other hand, if you have a double or triple window, divide the measurement by four and six respectively. The result will be the breadth of one exterior shutter. Here is an example: if your window is 36 inches wide and 75 inches high, the breadth of a single shutter will be 18 inches. However, the height will not change. Make sure that you write the numbers on your sketch or on a piece of paper for reference.

Tip 5 – Testing the Measurements

It is now time to test whether the measurements that you have taken are correct. Use a knife or any other sharp tool to cut a piece of cardboard or scrap wood according to your measurements. Put the piece of scrap wood or cardboard over the window and see whether it fits correctly. If not, measure again until you finally get them right.

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