Measuring for a Carport In 3 Steps

Measuring for a carport is a fairly simple exercise. You will need to know the type of carport you want from an RV carport to if it will be designed as a pergola carport. The basic measurements will be the same but the space where you place the carport could change based on the measurements taken. For the sake of this article we will be measuring for an RV carport.

Step 1 - Measure the RV

  • Length - In order to know how large the carport will be you need to know the size of the RV that will be parking in it. Measure the length and allow for walk around room. Have someone hold the tape measure at the tip of the RV and you walk to the back, do not forget to measure any extensions as well such as the bumper and ladder. So an RV that is 30 feet in length with 5 feet of walk around space in back and in front makes a 40 foot long carport.
  • Height - Measure the height of the RV as well taking into consideration the A/C and satellite unit on top of most. The height of the RV is twelve feet including the accessories on top so the bottom of the roof line will need to have at least a 13 foot clearance to be on the safe side. Another easy way to find the height is to know the clearance of your RV, the height has already been measured taking all factors into consideration.
  • Width - The width of the RV can be measured one of two ways, with the slide outs open or closed. If this space will only be used for storage and not maintenance then the width of 7 feet plus walk around room of 3 to 5 feet is appropriate. This will make the inner measurements of the carport forty by thirteen by thirteen.

Step 2 -  Measure the Site

Measure the proposed site for the carport, keeping the minimum requirements in mind from measuring the RV. Make sure that there is enough room to build the carport. If you will be using a concrete slab for parking ensure that the site is also feasible for that.

Step 3 - The Plans

Check the carport plans to see if any additional measurement are needed before ordering materials or the carport kit. Some will ask you to measure and add to the height based on what the pitch of the roof will be or if you plan on adding storage in the rafters of the carport.

Measuring for a carport is not difficult and only requires the use of a measuring tape and maybe a ladder. Keep all factors in mind when doing the measuring and be sure to add space for a work area if you will also be working in the area. The height, length and width measurements are all that you will need in order to transfer them into carport plans. Once you have those three basic measurements you can always adjust them based on what the space will be used for and what it needs to accommodate in the future.