Measuring For A New Hammock

To hang a hammock correctly it is necessary to measure distances correctly. Do this, and it should be virtually impossible to fall out! There is no big mystery, with regards to hanging a tree hammock, just a matter of following a few simple basic rules. From there, all you will ever need is to be equipped with your knowledge, your tape measure, and, of course, your favourite portable hammock!

1 - General Rule of Thumb

The minimum space required, for a hammock without spreaders: The general rule is that the distance, between the two fixing points, should be around 90% of the length of your hammock. The height available should be at least 40% to 45% of the hammock’s length.

2 - Too Low or Too High?

If the perfect distance between two posts cannot be found, the hammock can be hung higher, and the ropes extended. If the height is too short, the hammock can be tightened. However, this reduces the comfort somewhat. Therefore, the height is slightly more important than length.

3 - The Ropes

Measure the distance between the two points. The length of your hammock, plus the rope, should be 20% longer, overall, than the distance. In short: Distance multiplied by 1.2 is equal to (hammock + ropes). Adjustments to the length of ropes can be made, by up to 15% more.