Measuring for Linoleum Tile

Linoleum tile is a very versatile floor covering that can be used in several different areas of your home. You can lay it in the kitchen, bathroom, mud room, or even laundry room. Linoleum tile is an inexpensive option that many people prefer because of the ease of installation and maintenance.


Before you purchase any type of linoleum tile flooring you must take some measurements of the floor you are going to be covering. The best way to do this is with a soft crafter's measuring tape instead of the metal retractable variety.

Start at One End
Measuring for linoleum tile is simple done by taking in the measurements of the length and width of the room or section you want tiled. If you are covering an entire kitchen that is 20' x 10', then you would have 200 square feet to cover with tile. However, if you are covering a rounded threshold area in front of a door way, you still measure the length and width not subtracting from the rounded section. Treat is like it is a square or rectangle.

Add Ten Percent

It is quite common to make mistakes in both measurements and the laying of the tile. For this reason, many contractors will add 10% onto the final measurement to make sure enough tile in on hand for the job and in case of repairs.