Measuring Stair Carpet: A Step-by-Step Guide

If installing new carpeting in your home and you have stairs, one decision you will make is whether to install a stair carpet.  Here is a step by step guide for how to measure your stairs to ensure correct installation.

Step One – Measure the Rise
Measure the steps from the top of the staircase by first measuring the rise of the step (the part you step onto). Place your tape from the tip to the very bottom of the step.

Step Two – Measure the Fall

Next, measure the fall of the step (the backing). The tape should measure from the joint of the step upwards.

Step Three – Finding Total Measurement

Add the two measurements – the rise to the fall. Add 2” to account for the curvature and padding. Multiply the number of steps by the total measurement.

Step Four – Additional Steps
Measure any additional steps that you may have that are not the same measurements as the first ones measured.

Step Five – Measuring Width
Next, measure the widest step of the staircase. Cutting the carpet will be done according to the measurement of the widest step. Others can be cut down later if there are smaller ones on your staircase. Stretch the tape from one side to the other. Add 2” to this to account for the carpet padding.

Using these measurements, you will be able to properly install stair carpets, making a pleasant addition to any staircase.