Measuring Tapes: A Guide Measuring Tapes: A Guide

In the world of home improvement, and construction, there is no more important tool than measuring tapes. There isn't a lot you can do without a measuring tape to help you find out how long something is, how deep it is, or how wide it is.

Indispensable Tool

If you were to ask any contractor what their most important tool was, you'd hear measuring tapes more than anything else. And, you probably wouldn't hear anything else but measuring tapes. You can use yard sticks, and straight edges, but the versatility of a measuring tape makes it an indispensable tool.

How to Read a Measuring Tape

Reading a measuring tape is basically reading the numbers printed on the thin metal "tape" that comes out of the casing.

1.Line up metal end to where you want to start measuring.
2.Pull case until you reach the end of what you want to measure.
3.Read the numbers on the metal tape.
4.Numbers are in several different increments from 1 ft. to 1/32 of an inch.

Measuring Tapes Have Evolved

Technology has made the measuring tape much better through not only the regular thin metal rule, but with laser measuring which can give measurements to the the thousandths.

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