Medieval Wedding Dress

Choosing a medieval wedding dress can be one of the most difficult choices over the course of your entire wedding because it is one of the most prominent and important features. There are hundreds of different medieval wedding dress types, and the chances are there is only one dress out there that meets your vision. Luckily there are a series of simple questions that will help you narrow down your search.

• Question 1: Do you want to have a full skirt, or a straight flat one?
• Question 2: What kind of sleeves would you like? Sleeves on a medieval wedding dress can be long and trailing, puffy, straps, or strapless.
• Question 3: What color would you like your dress to be? To avoid a wedding dress disaster, steer away from bright unnatural colors. Stick with a pale color, cream, or white.
• Question 4: What kind of corset would you like? Almost all medieval dresses are made out of a tight corset that can be embellished with all different kinds of decorations.

Medieval Wedding Dress Accessories

A medieval wedding dress is traditionally worn with a tiara and a veil that falls down the back. Sometimes the bride will wear a circle of flowers around her hair as well.