Mediterranean Bathroom Design

Aerial view of bathroom with teal accents
  • 2-60 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-10,000

Various elements comprise a Mediterranean bathroom design. A Mediterranean style bathroom can be inspired by bathrooms found in a Tuscan villa or a home in Greece. If you are looking to incorporate a French Riviera, Spanish, Grecian, or Italian Mediterranean style in your bathroom, it is best to research the idea and come up with a plan for implementation of your design.

Elements That Constitute a Mediterranean Bathroom

A Mediterranean bathroom incorporates bold, warm, and vibrant colors. These colors include yellow, blue, coral, red, gold, and green. These colors can be mixed and matched to recreate the scenes that are associated with a Mediterranean resort or the Cote d'Azure.

Stone and ceramic tiles enhance the look of your Mediterranean inspired bathroom design. Urns and clay pots or baskets and sea shells can finish the look for your Mediterranean design.

Finding the Design Elements for Your Mediterranean Bathroom

natural stone flooring

Finding the various elements for your Mediterranean inspired bathroom can be as simple as going to a retail outlet center. If you are a traveler and have the chance to visit the various villages, towns, and cities of the Mediterranean region, you can take pictures of the different bathrooms for further inspiration. Even if you do not travel abroad, search the hotel rooms of the most famous resorts in the region online.

Determining a Budget for a Mediterranean Bathroom

Determine your budget. The amount of money you plan to spend will influence the type of design you will have. If you are willing to spend several thousand dollars, you can replace the tub, shower, floors, and walls to match a Mediterranean bathroom.

You can also get away with spending a few hundred dollars on paint and various small accessories to give the appearance of a Mediterranean inspired bathroom. The budget is your biggest consideration when engaging in this activity.

Do-It-Yourself vs Hiring a Contractor

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Your budget will also be influenced by whether you decide to remodel yourself or hire someone for the job. If you can do some of the work yourself, you can save money on the labor costs.

Create a Plan

If you want to remodel your bathroom to incorporate a Mediterranean theme, read magazines and books to find inspiration. Layout your design plan and determine the budget before searching for materials and design elements. Doing so will help turn your bathroom into a Mediterranean paradise.