The Melamine Plastic FAQs

Melamine is a thermosetting plastic. It is strong, lightweight and hard, but can be scratched or broken or cracked. It resists acids and alkalis, and most food stains but can be stained. It also stands fairly warm temperatures, but absorbs heat and softens if it gets too hot so cannot be used in microwave ovens. It's used for dinnerware, mixing bowls, laminated counter tops, and other items.

Avoid exposure to hot objects, and prolonged exposure to boiling water. Stains may be removed with commercial cleaners made for melamine. Never use scouring powder or any other abrasive.

Plastic (Melamine) Dinnerware Much plastic dinnerware is made of Melamine plastic. This is hard and smooth and keeps its shape well. It could be broken by hard blows. Do NOT use in microwave oven as it absorbs heat and can get hot enough to soften, blister, and crack.

Wash by hand or in dishwasher. Do NOT use scouring powder as it will scratch surface. Remove stains with commercial cleaner made for cleaning Melamine.