Memory Foam Bed

The memory foam bed was a discovery that came out of NASA research, when they were trying to make astronauts more comfortable in G-force lift-off.  The result was that memory foam was created, which then came onto the market as the memory foam bed. Tempur-pedic, a Swedish company, introduced the memory foam bed mattress in 1991.

How the Memory Foam Bed is Graded

A memory foam bed is graded by the visco-elastic nature of the foam, which causes it to be temperature sensitive, and to quickly retain its previous shape.
The weight of the foam is one determining factor. The weight of the foam used in a memory foam bed is determined by density in pounds per square foot. The more chemical that are used in the foam, the higher the foam’s density will be.

ILD Rating, or indention load deflection, is another grading method. The IDL rating tells if the material is soft or hard. The higher the IDL rating, the firmer the memory foam bed will be.

Resilience and tensile strength are the other grading factors in determining how well a memory foam bed will perform.