Mend a Split Trunk of a Bradford Pear Tree

The Bradford pear tree is an excellent shade plant known for its near perfect shape. This perfection is due to the fact that most of the major branches spring from one point on the trunk of the tree.

Mature Trees

It is not unusual for the trunks of mature trees to split as the weight of the branches becomes too much for the tree to bear. The branches are particularly vulnerable to high winds.

Where Is the Split

If the trunk splits where one branch has collapsed, the tree will survive as long as it still has most of its leafy crown. The best thing you can do in this situation is remove the collapsed branch. You can prevent water from collecting in the damaged parts of the tree by making vertical cuts when possible. Then prune the tree to relieve some of the weight and create a balance between the remaining branches. When pruning, only remove old and dead branches.

A mature tree can survive the loss of a limb and clever pruning can help the tree recover much of its shape. The natural growth from the other branches will help balance the tree and, hopefully, prevent further damage.