Men's Wear for the Home Men's Wear for the Home

Men’s fashion came knocking on the door of home décor with designers and home decorators enthusiastically opening the door to the new trend. Fabrics, traditionally used for menswear, are being utilized for upholstered furniture, throws, pillows, lamps and more. Home décor has borrowed patterns, textures, and colors traditionally found in menswear to create a more substantial look in rooms. From the runway to your living room, gender influenced interior design includes streamlined, masculine forms that speak to the sophistication and elegance of a man dressed for success.


Menswear tends to be in earth tones of browns, black, tan, beige, deep greens, and dark blues, accented with lighter hues and brighter colors. Unlike women’s fashion, a complete outfit of red, pink, or orange just doesn’t happen in the world of menswear. With home fashions leaning toward the earth tones, it only follows that the clean line of a lapel on an Armani jacket would be mirrored in the graceful lines of furniture. Whether the room is formal or informal in feeling, the smooth textures of flannels, different weight wools, cashmere, or camel hair adds elegant warmth to the room décor.


To create the hot new trend of a masculine look in your home start with one piece of new furniture. Choose a more substantial look for a coffee table, end table, or entertainment center. One dramatic piece will anchor the room. Choose black, hand-rubbed stains for a rich look of comfort and warmth. The patterns and textures borrowed from menswear fabrics can be used at the windows and in accents. Layer with throws and pillows combining various fabrics in complimenting and contrasting colors like espresso brown pillows against the caramel of a cashmere throw over a herringbone pattern sofa. Aim for the tailored look of a tweed jacket with soft suede elbows and flannel trousers. From plaids to argyles to stripes, masculine patterns used together in the same color family create the look with panache.


Menswear inspired accessories are showing up in designer show rooms. Think of cuff links and tie clasps in tortoiseshell and bone. Leather has long been a masculine mainstay, but its present climb in popularity follows the trend toward a stronger, more masculine look in home décor.

If you’re interested in finding home fashions that take their cue from menswear take a look at Ralph Lauren Home, Ethan Allen, and Bombay. Ralph Lauren offers a myriad of accent pieces that give masculine strength to a room with cashmere throws and pillows in black, beige, and a cream cable knit. For the bedroom: brown cuffs on sheets, hound’s-tooth and herringbone pillows in soft browns contrast with a camel blanket. The entire look speaks to sophistication and reminds one of a well-turned-out English gentleman dressed in patterned colors like chocolate, creamy white, and camel.

Add a favorite accessory to your newly acquired masculine room. Toss a bright colored pillow on the sofa along with the tweeds, plaids, and argyles. Cluster three or more colored bottles together on the mantle or add a valued piece of pottery. Stand back and see if adding a bit of bright color or a beloved accessory gives your room a personal touch that makes you say, “wow!”

The look of menswear in the living room, bedroom, or any room in the house offers comfort and warmth that fits the season. When it’s time to haul in the bounty of stored up provisions for the winter and hunker down for a long winter’s night, is there anything as soothing and ebullient as snuggling under a soft cashmere throw with your head lying on a herringbone pillow? It’s kind of like cozying up to your favorite fella.

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