Merging Vinyl Plank Flooring and Ceramic Tile

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25
What You'll Need
Transition Piece—aluminum, wood, or rubber
Locking track
Rubber Hammer
Drill bit for pre-drilling

Using vinyl plank flooring can present you with many potential benefits. It is softer underfoot than many other floors and is resistant to water problems. However, one issue that many people run into with it is trying to figure out what to do when it meets another type of flooring. Vinyl floors do not have standard transitions as a wood or laminate floor would. Therefore, when you adjoin vinyl planks and ceramic tile, you might wonder what the proper method to use is. Here are a few options that you could utilize when this occurs.

Rubber Transition

There are several companies out there that make rubber transition pieces that will work great for this application. The vinyl planks will be thinner than the ceramic tile, so you will want to check the profile of the transition to make sure that it will reduce down to the vinyl.

Wood or Laminate Trim

Wood flooring and laminate have pre-finished transition pieces that could work for this application as well. Visit a flooring store and purchase a transition piece called a vinyl reducer. Although these vinyl reducers are made to go from wood floor or laminate down to vinyl, you could also use them going from ceramic tile to vinyl.