Mesh Desk Chairs: Pros and Cons

A mesh desk chair can provide a viable alternative to expensive leather desk chairs for budget conscious consumers. Mesh chairs boast some really great advantages, but do have some disadvantages as well.

Pros of Mesh Chairs

The most attractive advantage of a mesh desk chair is its price when compared to that of a leather or fabric desk chair. These chairs offer considerable savings as opposed to other types of desk chairs. A leather desk chair can reach upwards of several hundred dollars while a mesh desk chair usually averages under $100. Cost savings like these can often make the difference in comfort a little more tolerable. 

Another great advantage of mesh desk chair is the ventilation they can provide over other types of chairs. Fabric and leather chairs have a tendency to become rather uncomfortable on warm or hot days as neither material works well in this type of weather. The design of a mesh chair allows air to flow naturally through the back of the chair. Fabric and leather chairs have a tendency to trap the warm air between the seat and the user. On the other hand, mesh chairs allow air to flow easily while sitting and working.

Cons of Mesh Chairs

However, there are some disadvantages to purchasing a mesh chair over other types of desk chairs. The main disadvantages of selecting a mesh desk chair is the sacrifice in comfort you will have to make. A fabric or leather desk chair offers the user much more comfort since they can increase the amount of padding in the chair seat. A mesh chair does not offer the same kind of plush seating as the other two types of chairs. 

Another disadvantage of a mesh chair is the limit in design and styles you can find on the market today. Fabric and leather desk chairs are available in numerous styles and designs, with fabric chairs offering the greatest flexibility. Mesh chairs are rather limited in their design given the material and methods used in constructing the chairs.