Mesquite Tree Care and Pest Control Mesquite Tree Care and Pest Control

Mesquite trees are plants that grow in the southern United States and Mexico. They are hardy, drought resistant plants that can grow to about ten feet. In order to promote even growth, they will benefit from some basic care.


The mesquite benefits from deep, periodic watering. Once every three to four weeks, a deep watering will help the roots absorb the most water. The watering should be long and slow rather than fast, as the water will take time to be absorbed deep in the ground.


Mesquites can naturally produce nitrogen working with bacteria in the soil. Fertilizer will not be needed and will not enhance growth.


Pruning at the proper time will enhance growth on top of the canopy. Too much pruning especially at the wrong times can contribute to sunburn which will add stress to the tree. The lower branches of the tree protect the trunk from scorching, so it is best to prune back to a level where the branches will still maintain shade for the trunk. No more than 15 to 20 percent of the tree should be pruned in any one year.

Pest control

A healthy tree can resist pests. Tree borers are typical pests that attack mesquite trees. It is best to keep a tree healthy so that there will be no cracks in the bark for the insects to attack.

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