Mesquite Tree Pruning Guide


Mesquite trees like many other trees will benefit from pruning from time to time. There are many reasons to prune, such as: to make the tree look nicer, even out the growth and prevent leaning from growth towards sunny spots.

Times for pruning

The recommended times for pruning are in the summer months when faster growth will allow for the pruned parts to heal. If the mesquite tree was recently planted, it is not recommended that it be pruned for at least a year, unless the branches are dead or damaged.

Areas for pruning

Trees may grow unevenly, thicker in some areas and thinner in others. The inner branches should be pruned if too thick to allow for the lower areas to grow upwards in order to fill out the canopy of the tree. Excessive growth of the tops, especially in younger, freshly planted trees, can damage the trees from strong winds or weight, which can topple the plant. Pruning will lessen the need for water at the top, allowing for the roots to develop and expand, making the tree more able to withstand winds.

How much to prune

It is advisable that no more than 15-20 percent of the canopy be pruned at any one time. Removing too much of the leaves and branches may force the tree not to draw water, inhibiting the growth of the root system.