Metal and Glass Storm Doors: Which Offers Better Protection? Metal and Glass Storm Doors: Which Offers Better Protection?

Glass storm doors come in varying quality. The quality of the doors depends on what type of glass is installed in the door. Higher quality doors consist of low emissive gas. It is important to check what type of glass has been used as this can make a significant difference to the amount of energy that can be lost through the glass section of the door. When looking for a storm door one has to account for many factors. In which direction does it face? How many hours of sun does it receive during the day?

Glass Panels

When deciding on what kind of glass storm doors you should be installing in your home, there are several items of concern. If the area has concentrated sun for more than a few hours, especially during summer, you could be setting yourself up to trap the heat into that area by using glass. This can raise the interior temperature of your home causing you to run the air-conditioner all the time, increasing your electric bill. In this case low energy glass or removable glass with interchangeable screen panels are better choices.

Low energy glass has a higher ratio of heat protection and saves 3 times the energy as normal glass. This can be a significant factor. Various options of glass storm doors are available. One option is a full glass panel that can be removed and replaced with a screen in summer. Another type is a ventilating door. This type of door consists of two glass panels that act like a sliding window. A third type of glass panel door has a roller screen attached to the top of the shifting glass panel which allows the screen to drop down when the window vent opens downwards.

Metal Aluminum

Aluminum has an advantage over glass storm doors as it is extremely durable and can be insulated. The insulation is a polyurethane foam core inserted into the interior of the door. A windowless aluminum door provides 5 times the insulation as a door with a window. The aluminum can be painted if you desire, however; the more recent models of aluminum doors are extremely attractive. Metal framed doors usually have insulation which prevents a high heat exchange. The inner core protects against heat, especially heat from direct sunlight that can build up considerably. Insulation is one advantage that metal aluminum doors have over glass doors.

Storm Doors for Patios

The necessity of a patio storm door is dependent upon the type of existing patio door. If the existing door is modern and has the proper energy efficient glass installed in it, then a storm door should not be necessary.

Modern Materials

One of the more modern materials used in storm door manufacturing is fiberglass. Fiberglass is very strong, however; it tends to be expensive and UV rays can cause an unwanted reaction from fiberglass over time.

Ultimately, the decision to add storm doors to your home is affected by how your home’s exterior appearance will change. If the storm doors will detract from the appearance of your home, then they should not be considered, however; if the look of your home improves with the addition of storm doors, then the most aesthetically pleasing choice is glass storm doors.

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