Metal Arbor Considerations Metal Arbor Considerations

A unique touch to any garden is the addition of a metal arbor. Standing vigilant over your entryway, or as a shady area to sit and enjoy your garden, these arbors add a distinct touch. An arbor provides an anchoring spot for your garden that pulls the entire decor together. They provide valuable shade during hot summer days and a place for climbing plants to grow.

A metal garden arbor, being a major part of a landscape design, can increase the overall property value of your home. That doesn't mean that there are not some considerations to think about when purchasing your metal arbor.

Does the Metal Arbor Fit with Overall Landscape?

There are a wide variety of different styles, shapes and colors for metal arbors. They can be a single trellis that sits in the corner of your yard, or an elaborate system of built in flower pots, benches and a roof trellis. As great as these styles are, you should first ask yourself if a metal arbor is the right fit with your overall landscape design. Do you have predominately wood features? Do you want your garden to have a more modern, traditional or eclectic look?

What Size Arbor Is Right for Your Garden?

When you take a look at the overall size of your garden, what do you see first? When you add an arbor is it going to detract from the garden, blend right in or be a large overshadowing presence? An arbor should add to the overall atmosphere of the garden, and not be the only piece that is seen. A metal arbor can be a focal point that pulls the entire decor together, but should not be an overpowering presence. Choose the size of your arbor according to the size of the rest of your garden.

Build Your Own or Kit Arbor?

A metal arbor kit comes with everything you will need to build a great looking arbor. If you are a little uncomfortable with do-it-yourself metal fabrication, then purchasing a metal arbor kit is a good option. However, there are also some great looking arbors that can be made from scratch with copper tubing, rebar construction and even metal stud framing.

Budget for Landscaping

Thinking about buying a metal arbor means that you will need to also think about your budget for your landscaping. Depending on the size and shape of the metal arbor, you can be spending up to several thousand dollars for it.

Location of Metal Arbor

Arbors are very versatile in that they can be positioned anywhere on your landscaping. You don't have to just place the arbor in the entry of your garden, or near a secluded area. Metal arbors can be placed in the entryway, to accent a water feature, over a patio for shade, wide open spaces, as a corner piece or a conversation area. Consider where you want to place your metal arbor before you make it permanent.

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