Metal Chairs

Metal chairs are durable and practically unbreakable, so metal chairs are often the choice for outside chairs. Metal chairs will often be deck chairs, though many styles of decorative indoor metal chairs are available. Metal chairs are routinely used in outdoor restaurants, where they are constantly moved and left in the elements overnight. Metal chairs and metal tables are the normal outdoor bistro dining set-up.

Stackable Metal Chairs 

Another widely used form of metal chairs are stackable metal chairs. These are most of ten seen in schools or churches, in auditoriums, in office conference areas. Stackable chairs can be stacked to more than ten high, saving significant space in storage, when chairs are used in a setting where they are constantly moved.

Another kind of similar metal chairs are metal folding chairs, which save space by folding and laying them against the wall, in a similar space saving manner as metal stacking chairs. Both kinds of metal chairs are sturdy, long lasting and relatively light in weight.