Metal Corbels and Brackets Metal Corbels and Brackets

Metal corbels and brackets are used to enhance the look of your rooms and also functions as a support or appear to support a certain structure. Corbels are used all over the home such as underneath kitchen island and countertops, shelves and home bars. Corbels and brackets differ in a way that the corbels are much wider in width than brackets but come is sizes that can accommodate the weight of heavy counters.


Corbels can be purchased in array of styles and designs. Simple styles are available and comes in designs that are basic such as lines and diagonals. I you want the more intricate ones, it comes in flower carvings or grape leaves. Corbels are more used decoratively because of its artistic design and wide width. When purchasing corbels, the specific application should be considered. Corbels must measure from ½ to 2/4 in the depth of the overhang it will support. Spacing is important too and should be at least 3 feet apart to provide enough balance and support.


Brackets are more used for its functional ability. Metal brackets are used mostly on hanging shelves and will hold up wait of heavy books, vases or decorations. These brackets come in array of designs like corbels but these are made slimmer. Metal brackets are widely used compared any other type of bracket material. If people choose to use wood or polyurethane material for a support system, they would usually go for corbels.



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