Metal Door Painting: 3 Tips

Metal Door

Learning the tricks of metal door painting may be necessary to keep your home in top shape. A metal door can become ragged looking, with peeling paint and chips missing from the bottom sue to the door being accidentally kicked and banged with items when you're coming through the door. Painting will make it new again if done properly. Here a few tips to keep in mind when you decide to repaint.

Protect the Hardware

The whole process is easier if you take the door down and remove the hardware. If you opt to not remove the door, be sure that you cover the door knob and other metal parts. Cover them will plastic and tape to keep from getting paint on them.

Remove Old Dirt and Paint

You'll have to use a paint stripper to remove any old paint in order to get a good finish on a metal door. You can purchase this at a paint store. It is easy to use by applying, allowing to sit for 20 minutes, and scraping off. The stripper will also clean the surface of old dirt.

Use the Right Kind of Paint

Be sure you use paint made specifically for metal. If you use the wrong kind of paint, it will bubble and come off. Metal is a very slick surface and is not porous, therefore many paints will not adhere well.