Metal Frame House Construction Explained Metal Frame House Construction Explained

Metal frame house construction is an alternative to wood frame construction. Many people, particularly in the environmental community, prefer metal frames because it does not require the removal of trees for wood necessary to build a house. Metal framing is just as flexible and useful as wood framing.

Aluminum and an aluminum-magnesium alloy composite are the typical metals used in metal frame construction. Titanium is becoming more popular, although it's an expensive alternative, because of its lightweight and durability. Metal offers flexibility when used in building a home and is as easy to use as wood as a building material.

Rising Lumber Costs

The cost for wood framing products has risen significantly over the past decade. According to the National Association of Home Builders, framing costs account for nearly 20 percent of a home's total cost. As lumber costs rise and shortages occur, you can expect to see a rise in lumber costs both for remodeling jobs as well as new construction.

Metal Framing Versus Wood

Metal framing is lighter than wood, just as durable and can eliminate termite and infestation problems that are more prevalent with wood. Metal framing is comparable to the cost of wood and as innovation and technology increase, these costs should go down.

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