Metal Garage Buildings vs Wood Frame Garage Buildings

Traditionally, people have opted to build wood frame garage buildings over metal garage buildings due to the unavailability of steel. However, the popularity of using steel to make garage buildings has been increasing for the past 60 years. This can be attributed to certain factors such as construction time and cost. Below are the differences between metal garage buildings and wood frame garage building.

Construction Time

A lot of time is needed to design a wood frame garage, and even more time is required when constructing a building from scratch. Metal garage buildings require less time to build than wood frame garage buildings mainly because the panels or sections used to construct it are pre-built. This means that they have already been manufactured in factories–from sheets of metal. The metal panels used have been pre-fabricated already to look like walls. Unlike wood frames that have to be set-up piece by piece, metal sections can easily be attached together to make a garage building. Aside from the ease in construction, metal garage buildings are also less prone to delays caused by weather changes.


Time saved translates to money saved. Metal garage buildings save more time in terms of construction, thus making it more cost-efficient to use. Wood frame garage buildings require the expertise of an architect, and architects cost money. Metal garage buildings don’t need architects, thus, they can save you money.

Moreover, since metal panels used for construction are made in factories, it can be expected that they are products of an assembly line. When factories use this manufacturing approach, it is more economical for the builder to buy in bulk.


Metal panels are products of an assembly line. When something comes from an assembly line, it can often be expected to be of high quality because the production process of these products is being done repeatedly. In manufacturing industry, repetition can lead to improvement in accuracy of the process, hence, providing high quality products. From this point of view, it follows that metal garage buildings have better quality than wood frame garage buildings primarily due to the kind of material being used.


One disadvantage that metal garage buildings may have is that it has the same look. Advancements in technology have allowed construction of metal buildings to look like original “stick-built-from-scratch” buildings. They are available in different colors, facades, shapes and sizes. You can choose your own design according to your preference, without having to consult an architect to make the design for you. Although wood frame garage buildings are customized, or have a more personal feel to it, metal garage buildings can also have the same feel if you know which suppliers to talk to.


Another advantage of metal garage buildings is that they are termite-proof so you wouldn’t have to worry that your garage might just collapse anytime. There is also no need to coat the walls of a metal garage building with special formulations to make it water-resistant. Moreover, you are assured that your vehicles would be safe from thunder, rain and lightning, most especially from fire, since wood is a highly flammable material.