Metal Home Decor Ideas Metal Home Decor Ideas

There are many ways in which you can decorate your home, and using metal home decor is one way to accomplish this. Metal has been used for centuries, and pieces made of this material have adorned walls for about the same length of time. It has always been popular to use great pieces of metal work to decorate a home or living space. No matter how large or small your own piece of metal home decor, there are a number of ways in which you can use it to the best effect within your own house.

Use on Your Door

Most people forget that their door is a part of their home decor, and a metal handle is just as important as fireplaces and rugs in the impression you make upon people. Replace any metal on the door when you are decorating a room, and either save it to be refitted once the decoration has been finished, or replace this with another piece which will fit in with the theme of the room. Take care that the metal of your door handle matches the color scheme in the room, and take care to polish regularly, in order to prevent tarnishing.

Use on Your Walls

Metal has been used as wall decor for generations--shields and swords have been hung in great halls, mirrors and statues have been nailed to brickwork and even curtain rods have been decorated to get the most out of their appearance. Homeowners can actually purchase metal home decor specifically created to be hung on walls, one of the most popular modern developments being the metal wind chime. These come in a variety of shapes and designs, so there is sure to be something that you can use to decorate your walls. Other items include metal badges of football and soccer clubs, cowboy memorabilia (don't forget the traditional horseshoe) and political or historical symbols.

Use on Your Shelves

Metal ornaments are also very popular. The art deco period introduced middle class homes to the concept of statuary, previously the preserve of the rich. Bronze statues showing young women, or metal home decor pieces of animals are still very popular today. Metal ornaments are even created to be used outdoors, so metal ornaments really are exceedingly versatile. Buy a simple piece of bronze sculpture, and set it in a prominent position. With the right lighting, it will easily become a centerpiece for the entire room.

Use in Your Kitchen

Metal utensils are used regularly in kitchens, but there is also a market for ornamental kitchen devices such as brass kettles and iron pots. These can be used to decorate a kitchen by hanging them from the ceiling. Metal pots and pans, preferably aged, can be strung together to make room dividers, an elegant and themed way of separating the kitchen and the dining room in open-plan homes. Metal home decor utensils can be bought which are still useful practically. Ccokie jars and sweetie tins made from metal can be very decorative, and these make an interesting focal point for any kitchen.

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