Metal or Tile Kitchen Backsplash? Metal or Tile Kitchen Backsplash?

If you are looking at installing a backsplash, then you may be wondering about whether to use a metal or tile backsplash. Kitchen design has tended to favor the traditional tile installation, but you can also find metal backsplashes which will look good in your home. Even if you settle for a tile backsplash, kitchen stores may be able to offer you an interesting variation on the basic installation, and it is worth visiting them to find out what kind of backsplash would be best for your kitchen. Looking at the different styles on offer can give you a good idea of what you want to use in your home.

Metal Backsplash

The metal backsplash is perhaps the most easy to clean and maintain, and for this reason they have become very popular. Metal backsplashes are the best at keeping grease, oil, and other liquid spills off of the surface of the hob, and they are also very easy to wipe down. It is possible to obtain a backsplash in both a single metal sheet, and also a range of tiles. The metal tile backsplash is perhaps an attempt to compromise between the adaptability and warmth of the tile backsplash, while still keeping the grease combating utility of the metal. The metal sheet backsplash is commonly used by restaurants, and can provide a clean, sleek look which will allow for many years of use. The metal sheet backsplash is also popular with keen cooks who aspire to the standard of restaurants.

On the downside, the metal backsplash can be easily dented and scratched by the activity of the cook, and this can mean that they are less popular than the more durable tiles. If you have a copper or brass backsplash installation, you will also need to polish this in order to maintain the appearance. The cost is also generally greater than for basic tile backsplashes.

Tile Backsplash

Kitchen designers have created a range of interesting tile backsplashes which are suitable for use in the kitchen. You may be able to find ones which have a pattern on the edge, allowing the user to buy or even create a suitable picture for their cooking space. Tiles are also available in a range of materials, from stone or ceramic to glass tile, or mosaics made from tiny pieces of glass. You should also not overlook the potential for metal tiling, as one or two metal features could add a lot to a room.

On the downside of tile backsplash installations, they are rather fragile, and some pieces can be adversely affected by the heat. Granite tiles are very heavy and may not be supported by the wall, causing a lot of damage. Tiles may also become chipped or cracked after regular use, so you can end up with a lot of damaged tiles which do not look very expensive. While buying the tiles is cheaper than metal backsplashes, you may want to consider whether you wish to install them yourselves, or have the added expense of paying a professional.



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