Metal or Wood Banister for Your Stairs? Metal or Wood Banister for Your Stairs?

If you are building or remodeling a stair case, you will need to decide between a wood or metal banister to complete the project. Choosing between the two can sometimes be a tough  decision because there pros and cons to each type.

Wood Banisters

Wood banisters are the classic choice for people with a multi-level home. They range from very simple to quite ornate designs and are usually less expensive than metal banisters. They can be finished with almost any wood color or grain you can imagine and are usually very glossy or shiny. They offer reasonable protection strength and wear well with proper care and maintenance.

Maintaining wood banisters is not particularly difficult; however, finishes usually dull over time and are easily scratched. Therefore, frequent polishing of the banister will be required as well as the occasional use of wood filler and lacquer or varnish to repair chips or dings in the finish.

Metal Banisters

Metal banisters are almost always more expensive than wooden ones as they are made out of steel or wrought iron. On the other hand, metal banisters offer the most protection and stability and are great for use by large individuals (more than 250 pounds). Metal banisters also require less maintenance. Caring for a metal banister usually only involves wiping or dusting the banisters to clean away dust or fingerprints.


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