Metal Outdoor Furniture: Building a Chair Metal Outdoor Furniture: Building a Chair

What You'll Need
Metal strips
Tape measure
Metal finishing nails
Welding tool
Heat source
Metal file

Once upon a time, metal outdoor furniture was looked down upon as a cheap and cheerful cousin of the plastic garden chair. However, with improvements in metal technology, and in the design and installation of metal outdoor furniture, you should be able to find a neat set which does not affect the environment. As an alternative to buying a set of tables and chairs, you may prefer to build your own, creating your own designs for this piece of furniture, and using basic metalworking techniques to make the chair secure. If you are looking for an interesting project, then building a chair may be the perfect job for you.

Step 1 - Design Your Chair

Before you begin work on your chair, it is a good idea to make a design around the shape of the chair, and the patterns that you intend to place upon it. The design of your first chair should be very basic, as you don't want to end up with pieces of metal outdoor furniture that look like they have been melted in a fire, or fell off the back of the removal van. The simpler your first design, the easier it will be to build the chair, and you can then increase your skills with every tool that you use.

Step 2 - Build the Basic Structure

Work out the dimensions your design needs, and then measure out some metal strips. Make the legs first by warming your metal strips over the heat source, and then bending them with the tongs until they begin to curve. Repeat for another strip until you have 4 legs. Add a strip between the legs at the top of the curve, and then a strip on either side of the feet. This should give you the base. You can use finishing nails to hold these strips in place

Step 2 - Add a Seat

Take 4 more metal strips, and create a seat small enough, or large enough, to fit onto your chair legs. You can use a large central piece of metal for the seat, making sure that you smooth out any edges with the metal file. Take your welding tool, and weld the seat into place on the curve, using either the metal strip, or welding the seat directly onto the legs.

Step 3 - Add a Back

With the seat finished, you can then add a back. Take 2 more strips, and weld one each to the back of your seat. Warm the metal, and then bend it upwards until the strips are straight. You can then use 2 or 3 other strips across these 2 strips to form the back of the chair. Your first piece of outdoor metal furniture should now be finished.

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