Metal Outdoor Furniture: Maintenance Tips

Since the Victorian era, metal outdoor furniture has become a popular garden interior or decoration. The variety of these furniture’s are available in many styles from traditional wrought iron to modern lightweight aluminum. However, as all other kinds of outdoor furniture, it requires frequent maintenance since it is exposed to all weather conditions. Here are some tips on how to care for metal outdoor furniture that you can easily do yourself with some little effort.

Preventing Rust

Many metal objects, when exposed for a long time to water, make a chemical reaction and form iron oxide, better known as rust. Therefore, by preventing your metal furniture from coming in contact with water you can prevent any rust problems which may inflict your outdoor furniture.

Keep the Surface Dry

The most basic solution to prevent rust is to make sure that your outdoor furniture is not left wet for a long time. This may not be a very easy task since we are dealing with outdoor furniture, which is regularly enduring climate changes. So after a rainy day, just go over the furniture and wipe it down with a clean rag to get all that nasty rainwater away. This will eventually help to deter rust and other types of corrosion.

Use a Coating Spray

Hence, there is a product on the market which is not expensive and that helps to prevent rust. It’s a type of silicone based spray which creates a silicone layer over the paint of your metal furniture that should inhibit the rust from forming. The easiest method to apply would be to spray onto a clean rag and just rub it on your furniture. It does not remove the rust, but nevertheless, it will prevent it from forming. It will also give a nice luster and shine to your outdoor furniture acting as a polish.

Not Recommended

If your metal garden furniture is directly in contact with soil, it can easily get rusty even if it is coated with a rust preventing product. The ground soil is always rich in moisture and therefore it can easily corrode your furniture’s legs.

Another common mistake is to paint a rusty metal piece of furniture in order to hide the rust. This solution definitely does not work and after a couple of months, the rust will reappear again. In this situation it is recommended to first remove all the rust using a piece of sandpaper or a wire brush and then apply the paint coating.

Covering the Furniture

To avoid contact with water, it is strongly recommended to properly cover your metal outdoor furniture from top to bottom. Specifically designed covers for chairs and tables can easily be found in many garden shops which are generally made from non-absorbent materials such as canvas. Rubber chair leg caps will also prevent the furniture from coming in contact with wet surfaces. Apart from preventing contact with water, covering your furniture will also help in protecting your furniture's coating from any damage caused by the sun.

Preventing rust is the best way to keep your metal outdoor furniture in good condition. However, if you don’t have time to take care of your furniture, you should consider other metal furniture such as aluminum which needs minimum maintenance and does not rust at all.