Metal Plant Stand: What Should You Be Paying

When you are dealing specifically with the metal plant stand market, you’ll find that the vast majority of products are made from iron. For this reason, the variation in price is something that comes more from craftsmanship and labor hours than it does from the materials.

Less than $100

You can get a lot of metal plant stands for less than $100. The cheapest stands are the ones that are purely functional. They're there to get the job done and nothing more. Under this category you'll find free-standing plant stands. These ones are little more than end tables that you put pots on. Most of the stands you'll find for less than $100 are usually designed for a single medium-sized flower pot.

$100 to $150

For up to $50 more, you can get plant stands that are able to accommodate multiple medium-sized. These stands will resemble the longer end tables that are used in living rooms and family rooms, and will be great for both outdoor and indoor container gardening, depending on the construction. You might see a few design frills for stands within this price range. Most of the time, this little price increase results more in an increase in the carrying capacity of a metal plant stand, rather than an increase in the visual design quality.

$150 to $200

In this price range, you’ll start to see the multi-tiered metal plant stands make their first appearance. Functionality is still the hallmark of these plant stands, especially when they are multi-tiered. It takes extra material and labor to make a multi-tiered stand, and for that reason they can't be very visual and still remain under $200. The single-pot plant stands are the only ones that start to get more visually appealing in design in this particular price range.

More Than $200

Once you are willing to pay more than $200, you will find that you can get far more frills in the metal plant stands that you purchase. Different intricate designs can be had on single-pot plant stands, and you can start purchasing the highest capacity multi-level plant stands that are available. Many of these will cost much more than $200, but you will start getting some great return on investment.