Metal Roof: Maintenance And Care

Your metal roof, while durable, is vulnerabel to corrosion and other problems that can shorten its lifespan. Regular maintenance will keep it in good shape for many years to come.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Prevention is your best defense against corrosion. First and foremost, take care to prevent different types of metal from touching one another. Chemical reactions can occur between different types of metal, inviting corrosion. Touch up the paint regularly to prevent rust from setting in.

When screws are used, choose screws that are made of the same type of metal as the roof to prevent corrosion. Additionally, only screws that have washers should be used with metal roofing shingles.

Metal Roof Repair

Keeping the paint touched up will help prevent rust and corrosion from taking root. Quickly address open seams and holes as they occur. Small holes should be covered using roofing cement while larger holes should be soldered with a metal patch.

Allowing problems on metal roofs to fester can cause irreparable damage to the metal over time. Inspect your metal roof regularly and address problems immediately.