Metal Roofing Ventilation Options

There are many different kinds of vents available for metal roofing. It is a good idea to hire a professional to install a metal roof vent to ensure that you do not cause damage to your roof, as metal roofs can be very expensive to install and repair.


J-vents are used for flat or pitched roofs because they provide a low ventilation system that is open on all 4 sides of the vent. This design stimulates better airflow in and out of the building and keeps out heat and moisture that could cause damage if allowed to buildup in buildings.

J-vents work best when they are used with gable or soffit venting and can be produced with any custom options such as a larger flange size, curb mount, bottom stem and a tall throat. They are available in any size to meet your flat top roofing needs.

Some J-vents are designed for use in any weather or climate conditions, allowing you to not worry about protecting them during winter or a rainy season. They are usually lower-cost ventilation systems are available in galvanized or painted steel and they can come in almost any color that would match the metal on your roof.

There are also J-vents that are created to be placed over your kitchen. They come with a screen and a damper and you can decide if you would like it to have a bottom stem. This will help any hot air or smoke in your kitchen be vented out immediately without causing damage to the rest of your house.

Plastic Roof Vents

Plastic roof vents are made to be durable and not dent, rust or fade. They are long lasting, just as metal vents are, but they do not attract the same temperature as the weather around them. They are created to withstand all weather conditions and will crack under extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures. Plastic vents also resist ultraviolet rays.

Plastic roof vents are available in many sizes and colors and have a removable bottom stem so that you can design what your roof will look like.

Commercial Roof Vents

If you need to put vents into a large building or a business, you may want to look into installing commercial roof vents. Commercial roof vents come in a variety of sizes depending on what you need the vents to do for you. They come in all shapes and colors and meet all types of business needs.

Commercial roof vents can also easily be fixed with replacement applications so that you do not have to worry about closing your business for repairs.

Round Base Vents

Depending on what type of roof you have, you may want to add a round base to your vents for better ventilation. They are available in many adjustable sizes to meet your needs all year round. They are all weather resistant and are made out of durable material.

There are many options for adding vents to your roof, though you should contact a professional to help you install to ensure the safety of your roof and your home.