Metal Shrinker Stretcher: Important Safety Precautions Metal Shrinker Stretcher: Important Safety Precautions

A metal shrinker stretcher is designed to be used to make curves in metal. As such, it is a very powerful tool, and users need to be careful when they are handling the device, as it can be dangerous. When you are ready to start using your shrinker stretcher, you should take all sensible safety precautions.

Sensible Clothing

You should always wear safety glasses and goggles when you are using the shrinker-stretcher. This is because small pieces of metal could come loose from the panel, and strike you in the eye. You should also not wear any jewellery, and your clothing should be short-sleeved and tight-fitting. If you have long hair, tie it up behind your head.

Secure the Shrinker Stretcher

The shrinker stretcher needs to be fully bolted down to a table or work surface before it can be used. If you do not have a suitable table or work bench, you could try attaching the machine to a piece of metal, which can then be gripped onto the table using a vise. The shrinker stretcher must not move around too much. You also need to keep your hands away from the crushing parts while operating the machine.

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