Metal Spiral Staircases: Iron, Steel or Aluminum?

Metal spiral staircases can look very appealing inside a home. They are space saving, sleek and they can offer a stylish curvature to your interior staircase. Interior spiral staircases can be fashioned out of any type of suitable material, from wood to metal, and a combination of both.


Aluminum staircases are functional and long lasting. They can be painted in any color with a suitable paint texture and they will offer years of solid service. The downside to aluminum in some opinions is the very sterile look that aluminum has. Aluminum is lighter than steel or iron and therefore slightly less sturdy.


Steel staircases are also long lasting and durable, yet they also have the same qualities as aluminum in that they can also appear sterile and dull. Painting them will offer a warmth and homely appearance, but it is all to do with personal preference. Steel is heavier than aluminum and more sturdy.


Iron has long been a preferred solution to indoor spiral staircases. Warehouse conversions and loft conversions all over the world are equipped with sleek and well designed iron spiral staircases. Iron has a softness about it which compliments the interior. It can be painted and is very highly durable.