Metal Tube Bending Made Easy

Metal tube bending, or the bending of other types of metal conduit is sometimes necessary in order to help you deal with various DIY projects. Without the right tools, you may have difficulty bending metal tubing for your various DIY and building projects.

For the purpose of metal tube bending, you are going to need a marker, a tape measure and a tube bender in the appropriate size for your project. The marker will allow you to note where the pipe should be bent, and the tape measure will allow you to create accurate measurements when bending tubes.

Tubing Benders
Metal tube benders are capable of being manual or automatic, with manual options being the most affordable as well as the most common. You can purchase your own or rent one from your local hardware shop. You are going to want to choose a tube bender that corresponds with the size of the tube that you are bending, and some tube benders are better suited for certain types of materials than others.

Once you have marked the pipe to suit your measurements you can insert it into your tube bender and create the right angle.